Flanders English "FLANDERS" transliteration, FLANDERS Western Europe originally south of the most developed provinces in the Netherlands. 11 century Flanders, as was the richest in Europe, began its golden age. Britain and France are more battling it out and expand the "Hundred Years War." Flanders among the arts but also affect the whole of Europe during the Renaissance. FLANDERS period furniture style undoubtedly led European luxury furniture trends unique luxury elegant art style, in line with Shakespeare's famous quote: "Classical is a permanent fashion." And it created a rich cultural heritage and fine art. 

Inheritance so far, with more than 20 years of the extension hung furniture handmade furniture skills, with a number of European design firm, will design inherited from Flanders, and innovation in the development of their own, abandoned the shackles of traditional repeat, efforts to meet the spirit of the age and taste. Flanders each piece of furniture stand the test of time, with superb technology skills, creating a luxurious and durable European-style furniture, more as a piece of history passed on to future generations. We can say that the European and American Baroque style furniture was born in Italy, popular in Flanders, the continuation of the extension hung furniture.

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