Ideal philosophy: "a world famous brand of Chinese nationality."

Philosophy: "love and caring, honesty, humility hard, self-reliance"

Core Value:
● Hong: Company absorption and recruit the best talent. Organization from internal development, selection, promotion and reward outstanding employees without any difference unrelated to performance factors. Firmly believes that all employees are always Hongji company's most valuable asset.

● Leadership: We are all leaders in their respective area of ​​responsibility, work diligently to make significant achievements in their respective positions. The prospects for a clear understanding of the work. Focus resources to implement leadership strategies to achieve leadership goals. The continuous development of their own ability to work to overcome organizational barriers to achieve the company's strategy.

● ownership: we assume their responsibilities in order to achieve to meet our business needs, improve the company structure, and help other employees to improve the effectiveness of the goal. In the spirit of ownership of property of the company to treat all actions aimed at long-term interests of the company.

● honest: Always try to do the right thing. We are honest, frank others. Business operations abide by the letter of the law provisions and spiritual connotations. In taking every action, he did not make a decision, and always adhere to the values ​​and principles of the company. In making its recommendations, adhere to the facts, and to correctly estimate and understand the risks.

● positive win: we are determined to make the most important thing is the best. We will not be satisfied with the status quo, continue to seek a breakthrough. We have a strong desire to constantly improve themselves and continue to win the market.

● Trust: Respect co-workers, customers and consumers, we want to be treated in a way to treat them. Confidence in each other's capabilities and intentions. We believe, trust in order to give employees the best working performance.
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