Zhongshan Hongji Flanders Furniture Co.,Ltd. Is a modern enterprise of unique stength and technical expertise integrating research and development, production,distribution of luxurious hotel furniture supporting project and European high grade villa (luxurious house) complete set furniture, the raw materials are carefully chosen from home and abroad which are in line with low-carbon and environmental protection standard, the product has strong market competiveness and is favored by domestic elite people and customers in missle east, Cannada, America, Japan, Russia and etc.
The subordinated brand of fhe company is luxurious European furniture brand--Flanders, with its unique low-key and luxurious brand style, it conforms to the well-known saying of Shakespeare "Classic is a permanent beauty"and has created its rich cultural connotation and delicate art atmosphere, the classic does not become stale because of long history, Flanders makes innovation in continuous development. It discards the shackles of traditional style repeat,strives to meet the spririt and taste of times .The freedom and opening, simplicity and stength, precision and clarity, harmony and order are integrating into each piece of product.
Each piece of Flanders produch can withstand the test of time, Flandres furniture with exquisite teachnological accomplishment is luxurious and practical, and can be passed down to the later generations as a personal history. It can be said that Baroque style was born in ltaly, prevailing in Flanders, and extended in Zhongshan Hongji Flanders Furniture Co.,Ltd.

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